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The best GTA 5 mods

GTA V has been out in the PC wilds for a few months now, and we’re finally seeing the things that we’d expect from GTA mods. No longer just a few cheats and trainers, the modding scene is now rife with crazy additions, useful tweaks, and big transformations.   If you’re considering adding a few little non-developer-approved improvements to your game, take your pick from our list of the best available.  A word of caution: many players are getting banned from GTA Online for the use of mods. Head over to the GTA V sub-Reddit to see what we’re talking about. Rockstar Support claim that cosmetic mods are not a bannable offence, but it seems like certain mods - like the FOV mod - can be picked up as a ‘cheat’ by GTA Online, and slam you with the ban hammer. Please be cautious when using mods, and preferably stay campaign-only when using them.  How do I install Grand Theft Auto V mods? Installing GTA V mods is really simple. You just need to copy the mod files you’ve downloaded into the mai…
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Inside the GTA 5 mod that brings San Andreas gang warfare to modern day Los Santos

wanted to shoot that bastard Tenpenny. I mean, after all that—after uncovering Big Smoke's hideout, slaying scores of gangsters, having a shotgun, his shotgun, pointed in my face—I was convinced this crooked cop would die by my hand. He didn't of course, and as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' credits rolled, I couldn't help but think: What now? What now saw me returning to Grove Street, dressed in green and strapped for war. To this day, San An's gang warfare system is one of the most enjoyable squad-based, territory-capturing mini-games I've ever played, adding dozens of hours to an already massive game. Launched in 2016, Lucas Vinicius' Gang and Turf mod brings the PS2-era mechanic to GTA 5. Better still, the hobbyist project is still growing, and has some grand plans for the future.  "I think it was when the single player missions ended. Unless you go online, there isn't anyone to fight besides the police, and that's a battle you can't …